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Welcome To Bid Buddies

Bid Buddies, LLC is a trip trade service for flight attendants at American Airlines, owned and operated by Yvette Ringgold.


Various Services We Offer

- Trip Drops

- Trip Trades

- Trip pick-ups


Our goal is to help you obtain the schedule you desire.  We know that balancing your family, friends and work is a difficult challenge.  We hope we can take some of that stress away from you! 


The Process

We begin processing schedules when you contact us with your preliminary bid award.   Even though you may see activity on your schedule, your schedule is not complete until we contact you.  In most cases, schedules are complete by the 1st day of the new month.  Otherwise we continue working schedules through-out the month.


Tricks of the Trade

1. Check your calendar for everything you may need.

2. Submit your completed request early, with your preliminary award.

3. Avoid leaving double requests.  If you leave a request on this website, please do not leave a voicemail.   

    However, if you need to make “changes" and the internet is not convenient, please call in the “changes”

4. Verify your contact information, visas, service qualifications and update



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Bid Buddies is closing due to the new trading systems that will begin in August 2018.

This is what to expect: 

  • There will be no trades or drops processed  beginning the month of May. 
  •  Please make other arrangements for your trades of drops.
  •  I will continue to bid for those of you that I currently bid on a monthly basis through September 2018.  

I will be available for any questions, so please feel free to contact me.

It has been a pleasure working on your schedules the past ten years.  I hope I will get the opportunity to fly with you soon! 

Yvette Ringgold

Bid Buddies, LLC
PO Box 5308
Coralville, IA 52241



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